TECC Level 1 Course (Public bookings)

TECC Level 1 Course (Public bookings)

Course highlights:

  • Master the platinum 10 minutes
  • Learn to treat the three preventable deaths, extremity haemorrhage, airway obstruction, and tension pneumothorax
  • Stress inoculation scenarios
  • Participants will receive a certificate of attendance stating they have attended a 'C-TECC recognized content course, provided by KelpX Pty Ltd'.
  • Earn 6 CPD hours for your professional registration body i.e. AHPRA (Nurses/paramedics)


TECC Level 1 Outline:

  • The flow of tactical environment- Direct Threat, Indirect Threat, Tactical Evacuation Care
  • Tactical Primary Survey
  • Tourniquet Application
  • Pressure Dressings
  • Wound Packing
  • Basic airway positioning
  • Pneumothorax management - application of chest seal and venting/burping


Ideal for:

  • Civilians/members of the public in high-risk areas i.e CBD
  • Civilians, Civilians, Civilians!!! If we didn't mention it already
  • Those who carry a firearm (hunters, target shooters)
  • Those responding to high-risk incidents
  • Ambulance
  • Police
  • Fire
  • Security
  • Corrections


Don’t be another statistic, train to survive.

For further information please email support@kelpx.com.au

  • T+C/Details

    The purchase of the above item includes the following;

    • TECC level 1 training package as outlined in the product description
    • Tactical scenarios and Stress inoculation 
    • Certificate stating participants have attended a 'C-TECC recognized content course, provided by KelpX Pty Ltd'
    • 1 or 2 instructors (Class size dependent) 
    • 6-7 hours of face-face training


    • The course can be cancelled on KelpX Pty Ltd terms, if so; a full refund will be paid out to the client.
    • If the client is to cancel within 14 days of the course date they are not entitled to a refund.
    • Smoke machines can present a health hazard to some participants. Please make staff aware if you are concerned that the smoke machine could trigger asthma etc.
    • KelpX invites students to participate in physical exercise to induce stress for scenarios. Students must ensure they remain within their own physical stamina level to prevent injury and or illness.  
    • KelpX Pty Ltd is not a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) hence the course is delivered as a professional development course
    • All instructors are qualified in the field of tactical medicine